Application for Certificate of Not The Same Person (Updated as of May 2017)

According to the Bureau of Immigration, the Certificate of Not The Same Person (NTSP) is a document issued to an individual attesting to the fact that he/she is not the person listed and/or included in the BI’s Hold Departure Order (HDO), Watch List Order (WLO) or Black List Order (BLO). In other words, the certification is issued to the person whose namesake have criminal liabilities under Philippine Law.

Last August 2016, I was informed by the immigration officer that in my next out of the country travel, I need to present an NTSP certification before they can let me board the plane.

On May 2017, I decided to process my application and here are the detailed steps on how to apply.


Bureau of Immigration

Intramuros, Manila


Application Form

Photocopy of Passport

Photocopy of 2 Valid IDs

NBI Clearance (For travel abroad)

Affidavit of Denial

Step 1:

Form is available online or in front of window 33 at the Bureau of Immigration Office in Intramuros. There is no need of a 2×2 ID.

Together with the form, attach the photocopy of your passport and valid ID and submit to window 35 for verification. A stub will be given containing the time of release and the window number where it will be released.

Window 33 will release your Derogatory File. It will serve as a request to pull out your namesake’s warrant of arrest on file.

Step 2:

Upon release of Dero File, proceed to Room 307 (Second Floor) for the release of warrant of arrest.

Step 3:

Submit all your requirements along with the warrant of arrest to window 35 and wait for the release.

Step 4:

Window 33 will release again the requirements and the BI officer will instruct you to secure an affidavit of denial.

Adjacent to BI office, there is a building with the BDO Bank. At the back of the said building, you can request an affidavit of denial. You can ask assistance from the volunteers outside the BI office. Although one should be wary of accepting help from strangers, these assistants are not to be feared. They are not fixers and they don’t ask for any amount.

Step 5:

Submit all your requirements along with affidavit of denial and the NBI clearance to window 33.

Step 6:

Pay necessary dues at the cashier.

Step 7:

Submit all requirements to Window 35 together with the receipt. The BI officer will give you a claiming stub containing the date of release.

Step 8:

Claim your certificate at window 34 at the release date.


Please secure your NBI clearance separately ahead of time.


NBI Clearance – ₱115.00

Affidavit of Denial – ₱300.00

Certificate of Not The Same Person – ₱510.00

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