A Peculiar Experience in Boracay Toilet Bar and Restaurant


You might think that having a toilet-themed restaurant is out of the norm. Guess what, Boracay Toilet Bar and Restaurant is gaining popularity because of its peculiar theme and design. Perhaps it is also due to its uniqueness and interesting concept that fueled its popularity. The feel at the restaurant is that guests seem to be eating in a giant restroom with complete restroom facilities.


In July 2016, we visited the popular island of Boracay for vacation. As a first time visitor, I got to enjoy the island-hopping and the fine sand of the island. There are thousands of things to do in Boracay Island. From different water activities, bar hopping and night parties, shopping and food trips; you will never have a dull day while staying in boracay.

Before we left the island for another series of tours in Antique, we made sure that we can visit and dine at the Boracay Toilet Bar and Restaurant. Far from the crowded alleys and numerous restaurants near the beachfront, this is one restaurant that stood different from the rest. It is located in Balabag Plaza Station 1, Boracay. Truth be told, the Boracay Toilet Restaurant lives to its design and purpose. The whole domain has been decorated with restroom equipment, the table wares and chairs were replicated from restroom bowls and sinks. To top everything off, this restaurant serves good food and in reasonable price.

The wall is adorned by a giant bowl and urinal. Guests may pose with these decors for selfie or groufie for as long as they want. The ceiling has pvc water pipes installed that is usually used in restroom plumbing. The ceiling decorations add to the restroom vibes. Walls and stairs going to the main hall are filled with handwritten messages from customers. Guests are allowed to write anything on the freedom wall.

We ordered rice binagoongan, pork sinigang and pork adobo. The serving can be shared by 2-3 persons at 200-300 pesos per order. Definitely they are serving real food (and not toilet food) and it also tastes delicious. We really enjoyed our sumptuous late lunch. The restaurant is accessible since it is located beside the highway and can be reached via a tricycle or habal-habal (motorcyle). Fare is around 10-30 pesos each from station 2.


Contrary to its name, the restaurant is sparkling clean! It goes beyond its concept of public restrooms we encounter during traveling. The restaurant staff are fun, polite and friendly.


If you’re looking for a unique experience while on vacation or fond of concept restaurants, you should not miss to visit this restaurant, and you would be surprised that’s its just within reach.


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  1. josypheen says:

    This looks hilarious! πŸ™‚


    1. Definitely worth a try πŸ™‚

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