In 2014, I started to travel in various local destinations of my country. I knew since I was young that traveling has a very special place in my heart. I got too excited when we travel because I love to see new environment, talk to different people and make friends with them, eat different food though I love my Mom’s dishes very much and lastly, to see the beauty and uniqueness of the place.

Beaches and Mountains are my top destinations. The summit gives me an awe most specially at sunrise. I can see glittering clouds, just like a mantle hovering at the valleys nearby. The densed forest beneath. The cold wind that kissed my skin and the laughters we shared while we are on top. These rewards are priceless after a long and toilsome journey on the trail. While the beach, makes me feel relax and quiet. Staring at the blue color of oceans and skies makes me think that our world has vast collections of different places to offer. I might not be able to see every piece of it, but I am happy to explore a few.

I may post here as well some of my outdoor activities such as running, frisbee, biking, mountain climbing and other travel related topics.

Hope you enjoy my adventure.


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